Case Study 1 Marketing Strategy

Case study 1 Case study 3
Strategic marketing project (R&D) Research and Development project New European legislation project
What was it? Strategic marketing presentation R&D Research and Development Project Introduce a new European law to the automotive indutry
Speaker French Marketing Director French R&D Research and Development Manager A French Lawyer
Audience Marketing Directors from overseas branches from the same organisation Audience composed of the heads of the finance, marketing, branding, sales departments Decision makers from the automotive industry
The challenge Delivering a presentation in English Delivering a presentation in English It was an audience the lawyer was not familiar with.
The outcome that the client wanted Share best practices across the group and increase visibility of the division within the group For the team to understand the R&D decision and agree on the next steps together. She wanted to come across as an expert in this field
She was hoping to get new clients in a new sector
The speaker’s story The presentation was about the marketing strategy, how she found the projects and clients, typical marketing project and lead-time. Update the team on the project progress. The speaker wanted to introduce a new machine. Explaining the new piece of legislation.
The adjustments When speaking with the client, it became clear she had a natural and unique way of approaching her marketing projects. This  was not reflected in her presentation. This could also benefit her colleagues overseas and it could potentially their own strategy. The context in which the decision was made, was lacking. The story needed to be told within a competitive context to back the decision up, adding to the full reasoning of the R&D team.
Without it the decision lacked clout and even rational. The danger was the audience would not have backed up the new machine and would have reluctantly worked on the next steps.
Make sure the audience understand the new European law.
What the story became and why She had a sensitivity to the needs of local clients as well as being able to design marketing strategies on a national level. It was clear, her unique and successful approach could benefit the other overseas members on their own market. The presentation became “think national, act local” with examples to underpin the theme. This new machine, which was within budget, could produce, a product by far superior to that of the competition. Make clear what this new law is and more importantly how it impacts their industry.
How and where the speaker’s firm could help.
Special recommendations Focus less on just the facts and figures, and develop a marketing strategy story, showing how the examples connect and can be applied elsewhere. Use figures and facts that are useful to each department.
Prepare samples of the new products and collect products from the competition for the audience to demonstrate the differences and for the audience.
Use visual support, inject humour to hold the audience’s attention and convey her legal message  in simple terms.
The outcome She got an audience ovation and a great sense of achievement. The different departments understood and welcomed the R&D decision and were willing to work together to work together on the next steps.
The R&D Manager was invited to give the same presentation to an even larger audience.
Increased her firm’s portfolio


Case study 4 Case study 5 Case study 6
Efficient Innovation Article for publication: Geography Review Company Brochure and Press Release
Sector Business book Academic Gourmet Food
What was it? A book of 100 pages on innovation, describing the common problems that can occur during an innovation project and how to avoid common pitfalls. Used  experiences and results to illustrate this. The article (circa 40,000 words) titled: New borders and new spaces: The case of the asylum seeker in Strasbourg, France written by Patricia Zander. Published by Quaestiones Geographicae in Poland. English translation of a brochure and press pack of 14 pages
Client Group Industrial Director, Author University Professor, Author Communication Agency and their client
Audience Presidents, Vice-Presidents, Heads of Marketing, R&D Managers, Branding, Sales Departments. Researchers, academics from different countries. International food lovers
The challenge It was the author’s first book
The book needed to be translated in English and German
The author travelled extensively and had little time to spend with the Litchibox team.
The text was too long and needed trimming. The difficulty was to do this in English without losing the sense and reasoning in the content. Work within the publisher’s imposed format.
Reflect the clients’ powerful arguments
Most of the text contained conceptual ideas which necessitated a lot of research on the subject
Urgent Job. The client needed the English version of her French brochure and press pack.
The client needed the English translation to be used as a support for the subsequent Japanese translation.
Communicatethe client’s unique spirit and passion for her creations.
The outcome that the client wanted
The speaker’s story
The adjustments Develop a structure map to make sure the main ideas are kept, the flow of ideas works and the arguments are logically presented and pertinent. Cultural filtering: ideas are understood and finding alternative but parallel translations more adapted to international audiences (i.e.: naughtiness and religion in the same sentence works in French but would offend some religious groups).
What the story became and why
Special recommendations
The outcome Book published in December 2011. Material ready for a Japanese visit.
Reach a wider international audience.


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