Litchibox is headed by Caroline D’Silva.

Caroline is a native English speaker, with over 15 years of international business experience. Her main strength lies in understanding the nuts and bolts of how business processes operate, and finding novel ways to get better results.

At the age of 19, she started with a baptism of fire, flying the operations of her family transportation business in India, solo.  In the USA, she obtained a degree in economics, and worked at a US bank in internal audit and compliance.

Her French passport and passion for travel brought her to Europe, where she worked with a number of global companies such as International Paper Containers, Mars Inc., Proctor and Gamble and Pepsico (Fritolay).

Selected to join the High Potential Managers programme at Mars Inc. in the UK, she honed in on her passions: marketing, innovation, and communication.  At Mars, her work brought her to Strasbourg, France, where she fell in love with the location and culture.

Today, Litchibox advises businesses on how to communicate and work with international English speaking audiences and markets. Projects range from adapting presentations to cultural training through intercultural marketing solutions.


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